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Implants are an excellent option for many women who have chosen to undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or trauma. As a gifted reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Craft performs natural-looking breast reconstruction with implants. 

What breast reconstruction with implants can accomplish

For many women, breast reconstruction with implants has the ability to help them feel like themselves again: feminine and whole. Implants will re-build the shape and appearance of the natural breast after a patient has undergone a mastectomy, restoring confidence and quality of life.

Implant Reconstruction

Advantages of breast reconstruction with implants

  • No new scars are created. The procedure simply uses the incision that was made during the mastectomy
  • Takes a much shorter time than a flap reconstruction procedure
  • The results of the implants won’t be altered by fluctuations in weight
  • No risk of damaging the muscle from other parts of your body because they were used as donor sites
Arizona Center For Advanced Reconstruction And Aesthetics

Breast implant reconstruction techniques

When it comes to breast reconstruction with implants, there are two main techniques: direct/immediate, and delayed/tissue expander. During your consultation with Dr. Craft, he will listen to your questions and concerns in order to determine which technique is best for you and your needs. 

A direct or immediate breast implant reconstruction done during the mastectomy. Many women prefer this method because they only have to undergo one surgery. Another advantage to direct breast implant reconstruction is that the skin and areola are not removed during this operation. 

Delayed breast reconstruction with implants or breast implants with a tissue expander is done in two parts and uses a partially inflated breast implant. During the first operation, the implant is placed underneath the chest muscle and is inflated with saline or saltwater, causing the skin and muscle to expand over time. This makes the second part of the operation possible, which is the placement of the breast implant. 

Are implants right for you?

Breast reconstruction with implants is best for:

Women who do not want additional scars on their body. This is because the incision to insert the implant(s) can use the same incision that was used during the mastectomy.  

Women who do not need radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is not recommended for women with breast implants.  

Thin women with smaller breasts. Some women cannot undergo flap breast reconstruction because they don’t have enough excess fat to use as a donor site.  

Women who have had a radical mastectomy. This is because the chest muscles will have been removed.

Why choose Dr. Craft?

Dr. Randall O. Craft at the Arizona Center for Advanced Reconstruction and Aesthetics (ACARA) brings his years of reconstructive surgery expertise to every procedure he performs. Dr. Craft is an expert in the field of breast reconstructive surgery with implants. As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained surgeon, he has the credentials, the experience, and the artistry to carry out safe reconstructive surgeries that achieve life-changing results. Dr. Craft provides patient-centric, compassionate care with an emphasis on safety and patient wellbeing. To schedule a consultation, please call (602) 899-6444 or contact us online.

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