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Whether you’re seeking a cosmetic treatment to boost your confidence or a life-changing procedure to make you feel whole, Dr. Craft will make you feel like your very best self. Arizona Center for Advanced Reconstruction and Aesthetics (ACARA) provides the very best in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Phoenix.

Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ - Dr. Randall Craft

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Dr. Randall Craft

As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Craft is extremely renowned in the industry as an expert in his field. Dr. Craft combines distinctive training with a natural aesthetic to achieve optimal results for his patients. Using his artistic ability to realize the goals of his patients, Dr. Craft provides truly extraordinary plastic and reconstructive surgery in Phoenix. With ACARA, he is doing something very special—helping individuals transform into their true selves.

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Crafting Perfection

With the Arizona Center for Advanced Reconstruction and Aesthetics (ACARA), Dr. Randall O. Craft aims to be a trusted medical partner in his patients’ journey to becoming aesthetically and functionally whole. Our approach to wellness is that being whole begins with loving oneself—inside and out. We recognize that each patient has unique needs, and we’re committed to utilizing the latest resources and techniques available. We provide education, hope, and healing to patients who are ready to begin their journey healthily, happily, and beautifully.

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Grace & Elegance

Breast Enhancement

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, breast enhancement has a strong ability to increase confidence and quality of life. Whether you’ve always disliked the appearance of your breasts, or it’s a more recent area of concern for you, Dr. Craft will perform a natural-looking, beautifully proportioned breast augmentation for you.

A new beginning

Breast Reconstruction

If you’ve decided that breast reconstruction is right for you, Dr. Craft can expertly rebuild the shape and appearance of the breast to help you feel like yourself again. Providing outstanding reconstructive plastic surgery in Phoenix, Dr. Craft achieves natural-looking, highly satisfying results for women seeking to restore their breast(s).

Life & Vitality


It’s time to get your body where you want it to be and to reclaim your confidence. Whether you’re trying to lose that stubborn extra fat in your tummy or you want a full body makeover, Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Craft will make it happen. Our body procedures range from minimally invasive liposuction to full mommy makeovers.

Exquisite delicacy


From eyes to lips to ears, we all have things about our face that we want to change. Dr. Craft provides a variety of both surgical and non-surgical procedures to address each and every imperfection. Once we’re done with you, you’ll find that you’re excited to look in the mirror—and even more excited to share your face with the world.

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Sans the downtime


Dr. Craft is pleased to offer a blend of both time-tested non-surgical treatments such as Botox®, as well as the newest innovations such as PRP therapies. If you want to look your absolute best but aren’t quite ready for surgery, ACARA offers a wide array of enhancing dermal fillers and skin procedures.

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Cosmetic & Functional Relief


One of Dr. Craft’s main areas of expertise is reconstructive plastic surgery for the breast, head and neck, extremities, abdomen, and more. For individuals who have decided to undergo complex reconstructive surgery in Phoenix to restore the appearance and functionality of certain body parts after cancer or trauma, Dr. Craft is the ultimate choice.

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You, Rediscovered

Top Surgery

Dr. Craft performs FTM and MTF gender confirmation top surgery for transgender men and women who are ready and excited to take the next steps towards feeling more comfortable in their own body and aligning who they are on the inside with how they physically appear to the world.

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Plastic Surgery Phoneix

Bespoke Results


Get ready to turn some heads. From hair loss treatments to reducing fat and sculpting the jawline, ACARA offers effective treatments for men that get the outcome you want. Each procedure will be tailored specifically to your areas of concern and personal aesthetic goals to achieve the absolute best results.

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Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ - Dr. Randall Craft
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