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Many individuals decide to have a brow lift performed because their drooping eyelids make them appear tired, sad, or angry. Others might need a brow lift because eyelid sagging is impairing their vision.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift, also called a “forehead lift”, is a surgery that restores the natural position of eyebrows that have begun to droop because of aging. The procedure lifts the eyebrows, tightens excess forehead skin, and smooths out forehead creases. The result is a much more refreshed and younger-looking appearance. 

Brow Lift

Brow lift techniques 

There are different techniques for performing brow lift surgery, including temporal, coronal, or endoscopic. The best technique for your specific needs will be determined by your hairline, anatomy, areas of concern, and desired outcome. This is one of the topics you will cover with Dr. Craft during your consultation.


The incision is made along the scalp, stretching from ear to ear. The forehead skin is raised, tightened, and re-adjusted. 


Temporal brow lift incisions are made at the temples, resulting in a smoothing of the brow lines. A temporal brow lift often goes hand-in-hand with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). 


An endoscope (small camera) is inserted through very small incisions along the hairline. The camera allows for greater precision, and preserves the healthy tissue. This technique often results in less scarring and less recovery time.

Brow lift surgical details

Brow lift surgery is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. The type of brow lift you have (temporal, coronal, or endoscopic) will depend on your specific facial features and aesthetic goals. 

Incisions are typically made above the forehead, along the hair-bearing scalp, but they can also be made on the side of the head, in the forehead, or in the upper eyelids. 

The type of brow lift you have and where the incisions are made will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Craft. A brow lift procedure takes about one to two hours, and is an outpatient surgery. 



For most patients, recovery from a brow lift takes one to two weeks, with final recovery at the four-month mark. After the procedure, a surgical dressing will be placed around the forehead to reduce swelling for the first few days. Patients can usually return to work in three to five days, and stitches are removed in seven to ten days. 

Headache, bruising, swelling, and nausea are all common side effects that you may experience within the first week post-surgery. Some patients also have temporary numbness in the treated area which can last up to a month. You will be given detailed instructions for home care after your brow lift, and our staff will be available to answer any questions you have during the recovery process.

Brow lift candidates

If you’re interested in getting a brow lift in Phoenix, you may be a great candidate. The best candidates for the procedure:

  • Are concerned about the horizontal forehead lines and/or wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • Are concerned about their expression always looking sad, angry, or tired
  • May experience vision impairment due to sagging eyelids
  • Are in good general health without major medical conditions
  • Do not have uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, or bleeding, or blood clotting disorders
  • Are non-smokers
  • Have realistic expectations for what a brow lift can accomplish
Dr. Craft

Why choose CraftMD?

If you’re considering a brow lift procedure to give you a more awake and youthful appearance, please schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Randall O. Craft at CraftMD has the credentials, the experience, and the artistry to carry out effective brow lift procedures with beautiful, natural-looking results. As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained surgeon, Dr. Craft provides patient-centric, compassionate care with an emphasis on safety. To schedule a consultation, please call or contact us online. 

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