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While men opt for just 10% of the total cosmetic surgeries that are done nationwide in the United States, there are a handful of choice procedures that seem to speak to the very heart of what it means to be a man.

Just as many women opt for cosmetic improvements of their breasts and buttocks, many men opt for enlargement and enhancement of the penis. In fact, though it’s not easily visible, the procedure is more common than you would probably imagine.

But what is penis enlargement? How is it done? And what are the results like?

What are Phalloplasty Fillers?

Despite their name, penis fillers are actually just FDA-approved dermal fillers commonly used to enhance the face, lips, and cheeks, except they’re used to increase the size and of the penis shaft and head and increase penile girth.

Dermal fillers include a wide range of products that are commonly comprised of a naturally occurring carbohydrate molecule found in living cells: Hyaluronic acid. This miracle component holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, and it’s already produced by our bodies. Over time, our body’s ability to produce it diminishes and our reserves of it dry up, leading to sagging skin, depleted volume, wrinkles, and folds. Penis fillers are safely injected just beneath the skin of the penis to increase its length, girth, and size.

Sculptra for phalloplasty

Sculptra is a dermal filler that is made from synthetic poly-L-lactic acid which is naturally produced by the body. With a series of three treatment sessions, Sculptra triggers collagen more significantly to increase the volume of the injected area and firm the skin. Because your body is naturally achieving such impressive results, full results may take up to two months to appear but can last up to two years before requiring a touch-up session. The desired result often takes 3 or sessions, but the results are long lasting.

Combination With Aerolase Laser

Aerolase is a state-of-the-art aesthetic laser used for gentle skin tightening and rejuvenation. It also improves blood flow and stimulates collagen over time. We have had excellent results with both painless scrotal rejuvenation as well as combining the collagen-stimulating effects with fillers for a more robust outcome. Some patients experience an immediate outcome from the improved blood flow.

Benefits of Phalloplasty

  • Improved self and sexual confidence
  • Increased penile girth (width)
  • Increased penile length when not erect
  • Uses commercially available, well established and fully biocompatible dermal fillers
  • Requires minimal recovery downtime
  • Side effects are minimal and rare
Phalloplasty Filler

Phalloplasty Filler Before & After


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What to Expect During Phalloplasty Filler Treatment

  1. Penis enlargement starts with a personal consult with double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Randall Craft and his partner Dr. Matthew Andersen-Leavy. This short private consultation is done to establish and understand your current concerns and your goals for the procedure, and to ensure you’re a candidate for the procedure—most men are, and there are very few contraindications.
  2. The treatment area is then cleansed and a topical anesthetic is applied to make the procedure as pain-free and comfortable as possible.
  3. The dermal filler is then injected into the soft tissue under the skin of the penis shaft. You’ll likely feel a dull slight tug or pull as the needle is inserted and the filler is dispensed, but pain is minimal.

The entire treatment lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and requires no recovery downtime. Immediately afterward, you’re free to return to most of your routine activities. You will notice some mild swelling and bruising. Penetrative intercourse is not allowed for 2 weeks to allow the treatment to fully integrate without being shifted or made uneven.


Glans (Head) Enhancement

Most patients prefer an enlarged penile shaft and a proportionately enlarged head or glans. While penile glans enlargement treatment can be performed simultaneously with shaft treatment, they can be performed separately or on their own to meet your aesthetic goals. The penile glans typically vary in size, so having one the same size or even a little smaller than the shaft is not necessarily ‘disproportionate.’ Rather than address the volume of the entire glans, some men opt just to enhance the rim of the head to make it more pronounced and more visible in certain clothing.

Am I a Candidate For Penis Enlargement

The short truth is that virtually any male is or can easily become a candidate for phalloplasty in Phoenix. The ideal candidate for this procedure is:

  • A mature male nonsmoker who wants a longer, thicker penis, and has realistic expectations.


You’ll see noticeable initial results immediately and these will continue to improve over the next 1-2 weeks. Patients typically see about a 20 - 30 percent increase in penile thickness, but the procedure can be tailored to your needs. With hyaluronic, the effect is immediate. However, some patients will opt to have additional sessions to further increase girth. With Sculptra, the initial result will go down after the first several days, and the final outcome will become evident over a period of weeks as your body produces its own collagen.

Recovery After Phalloplasty Fillers

Some swelling and tenderness are to be expected, and mild bruises may occur at injection sites, but these and any other side effects are temporary and self-resolving. As for when you can have sex, Dr. Craft will let you know after the procedure, but it’s generally 2 weeks. Sex should be as pain-free and appealing as always. Many men report increased sensation and overall improved confidence during sex following the procedure.

There are other very rare reactions you should be aware of in the event they do occur: bumps, lumps or textural irregularities can occur at and around injection sites, usually if the procedure isn’t done properly. It is critical to have sensitive procedures done by Board Certified physicians to ensure the safest optimal outcome.

Dr. Craft

Why Choose Dr. Craft?

Few practitioners come with the levels of training, experience, and aesthetic expertise that Dr. Craft brings to the table. Double board-certified and Harvard-trained, Dr. Craft is highly experienced in plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is the founder of CraftMD.

Dr. Craft and his team have committed themselves to naturalistic, elegant results, and his keenly aesthetic sensibility has enabled him to consistently deliver on this commitment. If you’re ready to learn more about what Dr. Craft and the talented CraftMD team can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation today.

The Importance of a Surgeon’s Touch

When it comes to any treatment involving the most intimate and sensitive areas of your body, you deserve to enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your procedure will be performed by a double board-certified surgeon like Dr. Craft.

While it’s true that the phalloplasty filler procedure isn’t a surgical one, patients still benefit significantly from entrusting this work to the skilled and measured hand of an experienced surgical practitioner. A med spa staff member simply can’t offer the level of precision and expertise that come along with a professional like Dr. Craft, which is why we strongly recommend that this procedure only be performed by a highly experienced surgeon.


Phalloplasty Filler FAQ's

Do dermal fillers for penis enlargement cause scarring?

No. No incisions are made and no sutures are required, it’s just the poke of a needle and that resolves without scarring and without leaving behind any noticeable evidence of having had work done.

Is penis enlargement effective?

Most penis enlargement techniques and pills are unregulated and unlikely to safely produce long-lasting results. The method discussed here uses FDA-approved dermal fillers to safely enhance the length and girth of the penis.

Does penis enlargement cause longer erections?

After dermal filler injections, the penis will be longer and thicker when not erect (flaccid), but not significantly more so when erect.

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