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Before & After Breast Lift in Phoenix

What does a breast lift accomplish?

One of the most popular procedures in the world, a breast lift does exactly what its name says: it lifts and re-shapes the breasts by removing excess skin to achieve a perkier, firmer, more attractive appearance.

Although a breast lift (mastopexy) is often combined with a breast augmentation , traditionally this surgery is not about enhancing the breast size. Instead, the main goal of a breast lift is to bring proper balance and proportion to the breasts. 

Is a breast lift right for you?

 If you relate to any of the points below, a mastopexy in Phoenix may be beneficial to you:

  • Your breasts look deflated due to excess weight loss
  • Your breasts changed due to pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
  • Your breasts get in the way of exercise or other activities
  • You have constant neck or back pain due to large breasts
  • Your areolas are stretched out or misshapen 
  • Your nipples hang below the bottom crease of your breasts
  • You get deep indentions in your skin from bra straps
Breast Lift

Your breast lift consultation

To determine if a breast lift is the right procedure for your needs and goals, you will meet with Dr. Craft to discuss your areas of concern, desired outcome, body type, and lifestyle. Dr. Craft will assess your skin quality and elasticity, as well as the shape, size, and volume of your breasts. Your breast lift consultation is also where you can ask Dr. Craft anything about the surgery, including questions about the type of incisions that will be made, and any possible scarring. 

Arizona Center For Advanced Reconstruction And Aesthetics

Breast lift surgical details

A mastopexy is performed under general anesthesia, and takes two to three hours if being performed as a stand-alone procedure. A breast lift removes the excess, stretched-out breast skin, contours the breast tissue, and adjusts the areola and nipple. Dr. Craft will make an anchor incision, a lollipop incision, a crescent incision, or a donut incision for your breast lift in Phoenix

The type of incision will be discussed with you during your consultation. From the incision, Dr. Craft will remove excess skin and lift the breast tissue to a higher position on the chest, followed by shaping of the breast tissue. Some patients also require resizing of overly large areolas. Once these steps are complete, Dr. Craft will tighten the skin and close the incisions. 

Breast Lift Recovery

After your breast lift, you will be given a surgical bra to help with support and healing. Patients often experience minor swelling, tenderness, and bruising for a few days following the procedure, and most take a week off from non-strenuous jobs. You should avoid high-intensity physical activity for up to six weeks. During your recovery, no pressure should be applied to your chest. (This includes no sleeping on your stomach.) Our staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns for you during your recovery period, and Dr. Craft can prescribe medications to help with any discomfort. 

Why choose ACARA?

If you’re interested in undergoing a breast lift in Phoenix, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Randall O. Craft at the Arizona Center for Advanced Reconstruction and Aesthetics. Dr. Craft has the credentials, the experience, and the artistry to carry out safe breast procedures with beautiful, transformative results. As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained surgeon, Dr. Craft provides the absolute best in patient care, with an emphasis on safety. To schedule a consultation, please call or contact us online.

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