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Global demand for elective facial cosmetic treatments has shot up incredibly during recent months, in what has now earned the descriptive title of “Zoom Boom.”

Work-from-home patients with the luxury of having to participate in very few or no video conferences at all, have been opting for facelifts and nose jobs to transform their facial features without even having to worry about social downtime.

Major surgeries might not be possible for those who need to be on video conferences. And that’s where non-surgical rejuvenation treatments come in, with procedures like liquid rhinoplasty and NovaThreads that include minimal social downtime and allow patients to transform their appearance for their Zoom meetings without other call participants being any wiser.

Exploring the “Zoom Boom,” here we introduce you to the most popular non-surgical and minimally-invasive rejuvenation treatments with minimal downtime: liquid rhinoplasty and the NovaThread treatment.

Welcome to The Zoom Boom

“Zoom Boom” can be defined as a phenomenon wherein people seek cosmetic facial treatments to make themselves look better for Zoom video conferences and other virtual calls, meetings and appointments. HD cameras can have the tendency to highlight the minutest facial flaws and anomalies, such as hollow cheeks or fine lines and facial wrinkles. With facial cosmetic treatments, you can easily achieve the ideal cosmetic enhancements to look and feel more confident in your Zoom or video conferences, which, in turn, can positively affect your professional life.

These are the Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatments With Minimal Downtime

NovaThreads in Phoenix and liquid rhinoplasty are currently the most effective rejuvenation treatments to make yourself presentable for Zoom conferences with little to no postoperative downtime.

Rejuvenation Treatments With Minimal Downtime

NovaThreads Treatment

Downtime: 24 Hours

NovaThreads treatment is a procedure wherein surgical sutures are threaded beneath your facial skin tissue. As the surgical sutures are inserted, they gather the facial tissue together. The performing aesthetic expert gradually pulls the needles out to suspend the threads, giving your face an immediate and visible lift.

The surgical threads are made of a component that also encourages collagen formation. (PDO, or polydioxanone.) Over time, new fibrous tissues and collagen form around the surgical threads, producing a further natural lift. Within a few months, the surgical threads dissolve naturally, but the newly produced collagen and elastin remain, giving your face a natural lift.

NovaThreads give your face an immediate lift, making your skin look taut, firm, and voluminous. You may experience a little swelling, bruising, and redness around the treatment spots, but these side effects typically dissipate within a few hours. You can resume most of your daily activities and work within 24 hours. Thus, if you get the treatment over the weekend, you should be perfectly recovered by the time you need to hop on a video call.

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Liquid Rhinoplasty

Downtime: None

Liquid Rhinoplasty is the ideal procedure for those who are unhappy with the form, shape or size of their nose. It’s one of the most popular procedures because changing your nose shape makes a dramatic difference to your overall facial harmony and symmetry. During the procedure, certain carefully selected dermal fillers are injected into strategically-chosen areas around your nose to correct deformities and flaws. Liquid rhinoplasties also produce immediate results.

You may experience a little swelling or bruising around the injection sites, but those side effects will fade away in a few hours or days. There’s no social downtime with liquid rhinoplasties, and most patients can get the treatment during their work lunch break.

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Dr. Craft

Your Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Randall Craft

Dr. Craft’s philosophy is to combine distinctive training with a natural aesthetic to achieve optimal results for his patients. As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Craft is extremely renowned in the industry as an expert in his field. Using his artistic ability to realize the goals of his patients, Dr. Craft provides truly extraordinary plastic and reconstructive surgery in Phoenix. At CraftMD, he is doing something very special—helping individuals transform into their true selves.

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