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A round, tight butt is one of the most desirable parts of the male body. Men who want a firm, athletic and full backside but are genetically destined for a flat, small butt have a hard time accomplishing this goal. Many men have almost no butt at all, despite time at the gym doing squats and other butt-enhancing exercises. This is why many men opt for a Male Athletic Butt Lift, a procedure designed to provide an appealing, round, and perky behind.

What is a Male Athletic Butt Lift?

The Male Athletic Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure that removes unwanted fat from one area of the body with liposuction, purifies it, and transfers it into the buttocks to achieve a round, athletic shape. This surgery achieves a fuller firm bottom without the use of implants, providing the shape you want with your own natural tissues. At the same time, it sculpts and tones the area where the fat was removed.

Typical areas of the body chosen as fat donor areas are the abdomen or flanks, but the fat can be removed from almost any part of the body where liposuction can be performed. Critically. Dr. Craft uses both Ultrasound guidance and expansion vibration techniques to assure both the safest and most natural outcomes.

Male Athletic Butt Lift

Is a Male Athletic Butt Lift right for me?

Men who aren’t naturally endowed with an athletic or full backside and who aren’t happy with a flat or relatively non-existent butt know the frustration of trying to achieve what they want at the gym. This procedure is for men who want a butt to fill out their physique. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good health  
  • Are at a stable weight that can be maintained 
  • Buttock skin is elastic (no severe sagging)
  • Have sufficient donor fat to transfer 
  • Want to achieve full, athletic buttocks without having implants

What happens during a Male Athletic Butt Lift?

A butt lift starts with a consultation with Dr. Craft to discuss the procedure and determine where the donor area will be. This is a time when you can ask any questions and have a chance to fully understand the process so that you’re confident about what to expect going forward. 

The Male Athletic Butt Lift procedure is performed under anesthesia. The first step is harvesting the fat from the donor area. This is performed with liposuction, leaving the area slimmed and sculpted. A tiny incision is made in the area, and the fat tissues are broken up. The fat cells are then purified and transferred to your buttocks. Once the cells are cleansed and purified, they are carefully transferred into your buttocks to achieve a full, athletic contour. 

Depending on the specifics of your personalized procedure, the surgery will take about 2.5 hours. 

What are the benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A BBL provides many benefits for men who want a fuller, athletic butt. Benefits include the following:

  • Contoured, sculpted buttocks
  • A better-proportioned male physique
  • Enhancement is customized to your aesthetic goals for your butt
  • The donor area is sculpted and toned, achieving a dual physical enhancement
  • Your enhanced butt has a natural look and feel
  • Butt enhancement is achieved with your natural tissues instead of implants

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift

After having a BBL, men should plan for a three to four week recovery period. You will wear compression garments in the donor area and around your buttocks to help minimize swelling and keep your newly harvested fat properly placed in its new contours.

It is important to plan for not being able to sit down directly on your buttocks for at least three weeks to allow the transferred fat to settle gently and correctly in place. Any pressure could displace the newly transferred fat cells and negatively affect your results. You will need to sleep on your front or side. Do not exercise, go swimming, or have sex during this period of time. 

Most men can return to light work after about two weeks. Avoid any type of strenuous activity until 6-8 weeks have passed and you have clearance from Dr. Craft. 

What will the results be, and how long will they last?

You will see an immediate increase in the size and shape of your buttocks, but full results will take several months to see. The fat needs a period of time to settle fully. A certain amount will be naturally absorbed into the body. Dr. Craft compensates for this during surgery in the amount he injects. 

Your final result will be a fuller and more athletic-looking backside. Male Athletic ButtLift results are long-lasting–after some of the initial fat is absorbed, the rest will remain there indefinitely. However, keep in mind that weight fluctuations can affect the size of your buttocks, so it’s important to maintain a stable weight. Because the incisions made for the fat removal process are so small, scars are often barely noticeable. 

Dr. Craft

Why choose Dr. Craft for a Male Athletic Butt Lift? 

Dr. Randall Craft at CraftMD, is an excellent choice for male plastic surgery, such as a butt lift. He is a double board-certified, Harvard-trained surgeon who provides patient-centric, custom procedures and compassionate care with an emphasis on safety. Dr. Craft is a trusted surgeon who puts your results and satisfaction at the forefront of his practice. Please call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Craft about a Male Athletic Butt Lift.

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