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If you have lumpy, uneven skin on the hips, thighs, or buttocks, you might be experiencing cellulite. Cellulite can persist despite following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, and neither topical nor past therapies have effectively treated cellulite.

With Aveli cellulite reduction in Phoenix, you can finally eliminate cellulite and empower yourself to feel more comfortable in your body

What is Avéli Cellulite Reduction?

Cellulite is a depression of the skin of any shape or size. It is caused by a network of fibrous bands that tether the overlying skin to the structures below. Avéli is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Unlike other cellulite treatments, the treatment is unique because it allows the fibrous bands to be released entirely. Aveli can eliminate cellulite on your butt and thighs in less than one hour, creating results not offered by diet and exercise alone.

Avéli Cellulite Reduction

How does Avéli Cellulite Reduction work?

A local anesthetic is injected into the treatment area. After making a tiny concealed incision in the skin, a hook-shaped device is inserted to release the septa, which are fibrous bands connecting the muscles and causing dimples on the skin. This device severs those fibrous attachments in the fatty tissue, lifting the skin upward for a smoother appearance. 

    Avéli's precision allows Dr. Craft and Dr. Andersen to identify which fibrous bands are causing cellulite dimples, then confirm in real time that they release those targeted septa for visible smoothing. With Aveli cellulite reduction in Phoenix, you only have to undergo one treatment instead of several. 

      Avéli Before & Afters

      before and after

      before and after

      What are the benefits of Avéli Cellulite Reduction?

      For patients who want to lose their cellulite for good, Avéli offers several benefits, including the following:

      • Treatment using minimally invasive methods
      • Reduces cellulite on the buttocks and thighs
      • It smooths the skin
      • Long-lasting results
      • The procedure requires almost no downtime
      • One treatment produces impressive results

      Who is a candidate for Avéli Cellulite Reduction?

      Because Aveli cannot treat skin laxity or fat pockets, the ideal candidate for Avéli has sufficient skin elasticity in addition to cellulite dimples on the buttocks or thighs. Other candidate requirements include the following:

      • Good general health
      • Body Mass Index (BMI) under 30
      • Not pregnant
      • Between 21 and 60 years old
      Avéli Cellulite Reduction

      A Look Inside the Avéli Cellulite Reduction Procedure

      Aveli animation thumbnail

      What is the recovery process?

      You may experience swelling and bruising in the targeted area, which will fade over the first week, then continue to decrease. Generally, you can drive yourself home after treatment.

      Patients can resume most of their normal activities by the next day. However, do not return to strenuous activity or exercise for one to two weeks, starting when you’ve worn your bandages for at least 48 hours.

      When will you see results? 

      One treatment is usually sufficient to achieve the desired results, which will become fully apparent after swelling and bruising subside. Your treatment should produce full results within ninety days, giving your skin a smooth and taut appearance for several years.

      Dr. Craft

      Why choose Dr. Randall Craft?

      As a Harvard-trained and double-board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Randall Craft has extensive experience in the field. In 2005, he founded CraftMD to provide cosmetic treatment to boost your confidence or a life-changing procedure to make you feel whole.

      Dr. Craft specializes in cosmetic procedures. He has over a dozen publications to his credit, eight years of experience in clinical practice, and nearly a decade of surgical training. He is prepared to provide his patients with the best possible results. As a result of his extensive training and artistry, he can provide patients with compassionate, patient-centered care, always with safety as a top priority.

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