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Hair loss is usually caused by a genetic trait. Hair loss can also be caused by certain medications, illness, or sudden stress. One of the main causes of hair loss in men is DHT, a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. DHT kills hair follicles and causes hair loss. 

At ACARA, we offer a variety of combination treatments to help restore your full, thick hair.

Topical treatments

Topical treatments can be very effective in stopping hair loss and helping regrow hair. Topical treatments carry the added benefit of not having the side effects that are associated with oral hair restoration treatments.

Your topical hair restoration treatments are usually combined at ACARA to give you the most benefit.

Hair Restoration

Topical treatment options:


Minoxidil is a highly effective treatment that is FDA approved to treat male pattern baldness. This treatment is designed to trigger dormant hair follicles to produce hair. The medication is targeted to widen the hair follicles, which leads to hair regrowth.


This treatment has been clinically proven to stimulate hair regrowth, and it also acts as an enhancement treatment to Minoxidil. Tretinoin greatly increases the cellular absorption of Minoxidil, making the combination of the two a powerful hair regrowth treatment.

Finasteride and Dutasteride

Finasteride and Dutasteride both work by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is the main cause of hair loss in men. Finasteride and Dusasteride reduce DHT levels throughout your body and slow down, stop or reverse the effects that DHT can have on your hair. 


A combination of topical Minoxidil, Tretinoin and Finasteride create a synergy that provides outstanding results. Each of these treatments is effective alone, but the combination provides an even stronger effect. For some men, Dutasteride is a better medication than Finasteride. We will work with you to ensure your treatment is designed uniquely for you in order to provide the results you want. 

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Microneedling with PRP and ACELL

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a part of the blood. This substance helps the body heal and regenerate, and it has been used in the medical field for years to help heal wounds. PRP has been more recently applied to skin and hair regeneration and is a breakthrough technology in the restoration of hair growth.

PRP contains growth factors that stimulate hair follicle function, which helps to reverse the onset of balding. PRP is applied to the hair follicles that have slowly stopped producing hair, and it triggers the cells and follicles to start functioning again. They then begin to produce thicker and healthier hairs.

ACARA provides this cutting-edge PRP hair restoration treatment for our patients experiencing hair loss. And now, we have added ACell Micromatrix to further enhance the results obtained with PRP. 

ACell is a regenerative medicine company that develops products to help the body repair and regenerate itself at the cellular level. ACell and PRP work together to restore communication lines between the cells. The hair follicles are reactivated, which helps jumpstart the normal hair growth cycle to preserve and thicken thinning hair.

Hair restoration protocols at ACARA

For the very best results, a combination package of topical medicines and PRP + ACell can be created for you at ACARA. We provide treatment combination packages for patients who would like to stop and reverse thinning hair. If you want to do something about the onset of hair loss, call us today to find out more about what ACARA can do for you.

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