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For those who have had part of their vagina or perineum removed as a result of cancer or trauma, Dr. Craft performs perineal and vaginal reconstruction surgery to return function and a natural appearance to these areas to help patients live a healthy and satisfying life.

What is perineal and vaginal reconstruction?

If removal of all or most of the vagina or perineum is required after cancer or other conditions, these areas can be rebuilt with a reconstruction procedure that uses tissue from another part of the body, which can include skin, and/or muscle flaps. Reconstruction of the vagina is very important for emotional health, sexual function, and pelvic support.

Who gets vaginal reconstruction?

Patients whose vaginal or perineal region has been affected by trauma of any kind (such as cancer, birth defects, injury, or accidents) that cannot be treated with surgery or radiation therapy may benefit from reconstruction.

Perineal/Vaginal Reconstruction

Working with the right surgeon

The surgeon you select should be an expert in vaginal or perineal reconstructive surgery, depending on which one you’re undergoing. With surgery in these delicate areas, it’s very important that you feel assured that you’re in excellent hands.

Dr. Craft is well known for his reconstructive abilities. As a Harvard-trained, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Craft provides patient-centric, compassionate care—always with an emphasis on safety and patient wellbeing.

Surgical details

For vaginal/perineal reconstruction, some commonly-used techniques include:

VRAM flap
Gluteal fold flaps
Gracilis myocutaneous flap
Myocutaneous flap
Rotational anterolateral thigh flap
Local tissue from the thighs


Recovery from vaginal reconstruction will be different for each patient, depending on which technique was used. After Dr. Craft has determined which method of surgery is best for you, he will speak with you about the details and exactly what you can expect. You will also be given thorough home care instructions to help with your recovery.

Arizona Center For Advanced Reconstruction And Aesthetics

Perineal and vaginal reconstruction candidates

If you’re interested in either vaginal or perineal reconstruction, you may be a perfect candidate. Ideal candidates are patients who are seeking vaginal or perineal reconstruction after cancer or trauma, and who meet the following criteria:

  • Have adequate tissue in another area of the body to reconstruct the affected area
  • Are in general good health and do not smoke
  • Are emotionally ready for reconstruction surgery
  • Have realistic expectations of what the procedure can accomplish

Why choose Dr. Craft?

Dr. Randall O. Craft at the Arizona Center for Advanced Reconstruction and Aesthetics (ACARA) is an expert in the field of vaginal and perineal reconstructive surgery. As a double board-certified, Harvard-trained surgeon, Dr. Craft has the credentials, the experience, and the artistry to carry out safe reconstructive surgeries that achieve beautiful, life-changing results, with the most minimal amount of scarring possible. Dr. Craft provides patient-centric, compassionate care with an emphasis on safety and patient wellbeing. To schedule a consultation, please call (602)899-6444 or contact us online.

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